1. Main Squeeze

Citrus has become popular in both seasonal and permanent menu items across all segments. Consumers are starting to try more adventurous citrus flavors.

2. Ethnic Adventure

Today’s more receptive palates are open to more worldly flavors, and global cuisines provide the sense of adventure and experimentation consumers seek.

3. Turn Up the Heat

Consumers like the “wow” factor and heat certainly adds it. The desire for traditional “warming” spices and sweet heat is continuing to grow—not just in food, but in beverage too.

4. A Little Funky

That’s right. We said funky. From fermented chili paste to fish sauce to stinky cheese, people are boldly exploring the edges of umami to experience a new depth of flavor.

5. Functional Fuel

Whether they’re looking for a protein boost, extra fiber or heart-health-promoting vitamins, consumers are intrigued by foods and beverages that have a positive effect on specific health concerns.

6. Conscious Consumption

This trend is about mindful eating and drinking that respects the environment and the body. Consumers are looking to minimize waste and protect their health with clean ingredients and foods without gluten, dairy, meat, artificial ingredients, sugars, GMOs, trans fats and more.

7. Vegetables Take the Lead

Vegetables are becoming the darlings of the plate as chefs feature them front and center and use “meat” preparation methods like roasting to give them more robust flavor.

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